2 Wearable Technologies for Your Recreational Rugby Hoodies

Are you a rugby fan who plays only for recreational purposes? Here are two wearable technologies that you can integrate into your rugby hoodies so that you reduce the risk of being injured as you play.

In-Clothing Body Metrics Sensors

It is now possible to buy a device that you can clip onto your rugby hoodie. That device can measure several metrics, such as your heart rate, the impact force as you hit the ground and the distance that you have covered during your recreational game. This data can be transmitted wirelessly to your coach or team doctor so that it can be analysed in real time. That analysis can reveal when you should be taken off the field in case you are at a high risk of exerting your heart beyond its limits. This data can also help medical teams on site to determine whether any problem that you get can be handled there or specialised treatment is needed promptly.

Brain Injury Sensors

You can also buy a concussion sensor and attach it onto the hood of your hoodie. You can also place it close to your neck in case the hood will keep coming off your head during the recreational game. Such a sensor will keep track of vital information about any collisions that you are involved in. For instance, it will measure the force of every impact involving your head. The sensor can also send data about the angles at which each head impact occurs. Such data can help the coach or the medical team overseeing each game to determine when an impact has caused a risk of brain injury despite the lack of visible distress after a collision with another player. This information can enable the doctor or coach to take you off the pitch before a minor injury is worsened by another impact during your game.

Why would a recreational player need these wearable gadgets in his or her hoodie? First, recreational players may not play as frequently as those who engage in competitive rugby games. Consequently, the fitness level of recreational players may not be as high as that of competitive match players. The risk of injury is therefore higher for recreational players due to their lower fitness levels.

Secondly, recreational players are more likely to find themselves playing with less skilled rugby enthusiasts. Those less skilled hobbyists may engage in illegal tackles that can increase your risk of being injured as you play. The wearable technology helps to give an early warning of such injuries so that prompt action can be taken.

As you can see, wearable technologies can help to keep you safer as you play rugby at a recreational level. Explore the available wearable gadgets as you buy your rugby hoodies. You will be glad you made that purchase when the gadget saves you from overstraining during a game.

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3 Hats For The Freelance Writer

As a writer, you need not worry about what you’re going to wear to work every morning. This is just one of the several perks that come with the territory.

However, you need to take full advantage of the bohemian lifestyle that the noble profession affords you. Here are three types of hats that you might want as part of your bohemian wardrobe.

The Slouchy Beanie Hat

Beanie hats are trendy and they’re perfect for freelance writers in more ways than one. Unlike many “office-based” professionals, short and well-combed hair (or the traditional ponytail) is not a pre-requisite for working as a writer.

Writers will often spot dreadlocks; twisted rope braids and fishtails among other seemingly unconventional hairstyles. All of these work perfectly with a slouchy beanie hat to give a casual look that you’ll probably love.

Additionally, a bad hair day is probably less of a concern for you because you get to stay indoors for the greater part of the day. A slouchy beanie might be the perfect cover-up for your bad hair when you have to pick up a few things from the grocery store during work hours.

The Floppy Boho Hat

You shouldn’t really claim to live a bohemian lifestyle if you don’t have at least one of these hats in your wardrobe. Floppy hats often have a wide brim, and they work well with flowy dresses and floral prints, both of which are integral components of the bohemian wardrobe.

Spotting a floppy boho hat is perhaps one of the best ways to scream to the world that you write for a living. In addition to being a fashion statement, a wide-brimmed floppy hat has great functionality. The wide brims offer great protection from the sun. Perfect for a day out on the beach or when you decide to take a travelling break in order to gain a fresh perspective on your writing.

The Fedora Hat

Even with the bohemian lifestyle, you’ll probably want to look a bit formal from time to time. For example, a beanie hat or a floppy boho hat may not be the best choice if you’re going on a first date or if you have a meeting with a potential publisher. You might want to rock a fedora hat for situations that require you to make a more “formal/serious” first impression. Fedora hats are known for their indented crowns and their wide brims. One can rightly argue that the fedora hat strikes a perfect balance between bohemianism and professionalism.  

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Tips For Choosing Corporate Uniforms

Having corporate uniforms provides a lot of benefits for your company, from being able to advertise through the uniforms, to having a more attractive and professional business image. The first thing you need to do is choose the types of uniforms you want them to wear, from style to colour. Here are some tips for choosing the right corporate uniforms.

Ask For Suggestions From Your Employees

A good place to start is by talking to your employees first. They can give you a lot of input, from the materials they would prefer, to what they would feel most comfortable wearing. While you don’t have to fulfill all their wishes as they relate to the uniforms, it does let you know what their preferences are. You want your employees to feel comfortable wearing the uniforms, so this is important to do before you start choosing the uniforms.

Think About the Company’s Style

Since the employee uniforms are representing your company, you want their style to be appropriate for the company. This isn’t just with colours, but the overall style of the uniforms. If your company culture is more relaxed and casual, then having them wear black or beige slacks with a simple top might be just fine for you. On the other hand, if you have more of a professional demeanor and that is how others see your company, a more formal button-up shirt might be a little more appropriate.

Consider the Work Your Employees Do

You need the uniforms to be flexible according to the type of work your employees do. If you run a restaurant, then the uniforms should allow employees to wear them for long periods of time, including shoes that help them remain on their feet for most of the day. If you run an office, then your administrative staff needs to be able to sit comfortable while wearing the uniforms, working at a computer and reaching for the phone all day long. Really analyze the type of work they do when choosing the actual materials for the uniforms.

Order Extras

You might be thinking mostly about uniforms for your current employees, but make sure you have plenty of extras on hand. Have them available in multiple sizes for your different employees, including giving more than one set to current employees. They should be able to get another shirt or pants if you are providing the uniforms, in case they get a stain or simply need an extra pair for another reason.

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