Three Things You Need To Know About Safety Glasses Before You Buy

Safety glasses are used in many professions to keep tiny projectiles from embedding themselves into your eyes. Eyes are, after all, quite susceptible to anything that may come into contact with them, no matter how tame it may be. However, not all safety glasses are the same, and it is important that you take the time to understand what you require before you go out and buy your pair. While individual worksites might have specific requirements for your safety glasses, there are also some broad rules that you should keep in mind when at the checkout.

Always Buy Them In Person

Safety glasses are not a purchase to be taken lightly, and the easiest way people make a mistake is by purchasing them online with no actual information on what they look or feel like. You want to know that the safety glasses that will protect you from serious injuries are actually made well, and the only way to do that is to see them in person and hold them in your hands. Unless you are in the industry and are very familiar with most models of safety glasses, you should always be taking a trip to your local workwear shop to test them out for yourself.

Make Sure It Has Passed All Relevant Government Tests

The "safety" in safety glasses is not just a vague term but rather an indication that it has some real ability to protect your eyes from harm. There are many different testing methods used to prove how safe these glasses are, but the onus is on you to make sure that the glasses you are looking at comply with all the relevant standards. Usually, on the front of the box or display case, there will be a list of features and, hopefully, the certifications that these safety glasses have passed with flying colours.


If your safety glasses are not comfortable, then you are not going to want to wear them, it is as simple as that. You should never be looking for reasons to take off your safety glasses, so it is important that the pair you choose actually feel nice when you have them on. Look for glasses with added padding or ones that are lightweight so that they do not cause a lot of compression on your face. Yes, they are tools or pieces of equipment to keep you safe and not fashion accessories, but that does not mean they should be uncomfortable. 

Look for glasses that are made for your head size like men's safety glasses