Common Types of Workwear Fabric: Poly-Cotton vs. Pure Cotton

When searching for perfect workwear, either for yourself or your employees, it's common to get confused, especially if you don't have any knowledge about workwear fabric. Fabric choice, when purchasing a workwear item like overalls, shouldn't be as daunting as people imagine, provided you know some key tips to help you make an informed decision. Two of the most popular workwear fabrics are poly-cotton and 100% cotton. The perfect option is not standard for all, as it normally depends on your requirements. Read More 

What To Look For When Buying A Women’s Jacket

A jacket is a very important part of any outfit, especially during the winter months. Often the centrepiece of your wardrobe and a mainstay of winter fashion, jackets come in many forms and figures and there is one for every occasion. However, because of this wide variety, many people get overwhelmed and end up making a purchase they regret. Using this article as a guide you should avoid that risk and make sure you get exactly what you need every time you go hunting for women's jackets. Read More 

2 Wearable Technologies for Your Recreational Rugby Hoodies

Are you a rugby fan who plays only for recreational purposes? Here are two wearable technologies that you can integrate into your rugby hoodies so that you reduce the risk of being injured as you play. In-Clothing Body Metrics Sensors It is now possible to buy a device that you can clip onto your rugby hoodie. That device can measure several metrics, such as your heart rate, the impact force as you hit the ground and the distance that you have covered during your recreational game. Read More 

3 Hats For The Freelance Writer

As a writer, you need not worry about what you're going to wear to work every morning. This is just one of the several perks that come with the territory. However, you need to take full advantage of the bohemian lifestyle that the noble profession affords you. Here are three types of hats that you might want as part of your bohemian wardrobe. The Slouchy Beanie Hat Beanie hats are trendy and they're perfect for freelance writers in more ways than one. Read More 

Tips For Choosing Corporate Uniforms

Having corporate uniforms provides a lot of benefits for your company, from being able to advertise through the uniforms, to having a more attractive and professional business image. The first thing you need to do is choose the types of uniforms you want them to wear, from style to colour. Here are some tips for choosing the right corporate uniforms. Ask For Suggestions From Your Employees A good place to start is by talking to your employees first. Read More